How to Hire a Coach

Coaching is an ongoing relationship that focuses on clients taking action toward the realization of their visions, goals or desires. Coaching uses a process of inquiry and personal discovery to build the client's level of awareness and responsibility and provides the client with structure, support and feedback. The coaching process helps clients both define and achieve professional and personal goals faster and with more ease than would otherwise be possible.

Why Hire A Coach?
Hire a coach if you want better results. If you or your organization is ready to stretch, grow, and discover, you're probably ready to work with a coach.

When Should You Hire a Coach?
Some examples of situations where coaching has been helpful are:

  • starting or expanding a new business
  • making a career choice or transition
  • developing leadership skills
  • evaluating life choices or purpose
  • improving personal effectiveness
  • enhancing communication skills
  • fulfilling a lifetime goal or desire

This list is merely a starting point of possibilities for coaching since a coach works with a particular client according to the client's goal or objective.

Are There Different Kinds of Coaches?
Yes. While some coaches are generalists, most have specialties in particular niches, including business, executives, organizations, entrepreneurs, spirituality or relationships.

Is Coaching The Same As Therapy?
No. Coaching is designed to help clients improve learning and performance and to enhance their quality of life. While therapy seeks to diagnose an underlying issue that prevents a client from fully functioning in all aspects of his or her life, coaching seeks to take fully functioning individuals and move them forward in their personal or professional life toward the direction they desire.

How Do Coaches Work With Clients?
Every coach has their own unique style and method of working with clients. There are however, some commonly used methods. Coaching often consists of 1-to-1 telephone or face-to-face conversations, in 30, 45 or 60 minute intervals at pre-scheduled times. In addition, many coaches provide between session support and accountability, via e-mail or short, just-in-time telephone coaching calls.

What Does Coaching Typically Cost?
Costs for individual coaching typically range from $250-$1,000 per month, whereas corporate coaching may range from $1,000 - $10,000 per month.

Do All Coaches Need to Have Credentials?
No, coaches do not need to have credentials. A professional coach who has been credentialed by the International Coach Federation has received very specific coach training, has achieved a designated number of experience hours and has been coached by a mentor coach. The three levels of ICF Credentials are: Associate Certified Coach (ACC); Professional Certified Coach (PCC); or Master Certified Coach (MCC). Just because a coach is not credentialed does not mean that he/she has not met the requirements of the ICF. More information about the benefits of hiring a credentialed coach can be found at the ICF website at

What Should You Look For When Selecting a Coach?
The most important thing to look for when selecting a coach is someone with whom you feel you can easily relate to and create the most powerful partnership with. We recommend that you interview several coaches and ask these questions:

  • What is your coaching experience?
  • What is your coach specific training?
  • Do you hold an ICF Credential?
  • What is your coaching specialty or client areas you most often work in?
  • What specialized skills or experience do you bring to your coaching?
  • What is your philosophy about coaching?
  • What is your specific process for coaching?
  • What are some coaching success stories?

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