2020 First Quarter Chapter Meeting Event

When: 02/20/2020 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
CBI - 4112 Old Pineville Road, Charlotte, NC 28217

As coaches, we essentially partner with our clients to design for change in some aspect of their lives. Utilizing a design-thinking process, we can shape outcomes while increasing adoption with minimal effort. Through a human-centered approach to change, design-thinking can help you identify what drives current behaviors and how to best influence factors which can foster changes that allow clients to reach their agreed upon goals.

Learning Objectives:

I. Describe the Design thinking process and how it relates to the coaching process with our clients.
2. Identify opportunities to enable clients to see their challenges from different perspectives, i.e., stakeholders within their organization or others in their lives.
3. Apply ideation strategies that allow clients to create new solutions in order to achieve agreed upon goals.

ICF Competencies addressed:

  • Facilitate Learning and Results
  • Creates awareness through the ability to integrate and accurately evaluate multiple sources of information and interprets this information to achieve greater awareness in order to achieve agreed upon results.
  • Designing Actions - Co-creates with client opportunities for on-going learning, taking new actions, and achieving agreed upon coaching results.

Meet the Presenter

David is the founder of Faster Glass, an innovation enablement firm that helps organizations accelerate their progress from challenge to solution. Equal parts educator, facilitator, and instigator, he equips leaders to unleash the knowledge and creativity of their people through the discipline of Human-Centered Design.

Before forming Faster Glass in 2010, David spent six years at Bank of America where he developed and led programs focused on integrating the principles of innovation into a Six Sigma culture. Prior to his time in financial services, David served in a wide range of roles in public accounting, public education, and the U.S. Air Force.

Based in Charlotte, David also enjoys being a husband, father, photographer, musician, and mountain biker, even as he is often reminded of his amateur status in all five pursuits.