September Coaching Conversations: Polarity Mapping - The Opposite Way of Thinking

When: 09/15/2020 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM

Polarities show up everywhere in our personal and professional lives, as well as within our communities. Individuals' natural or learned polarities affect how they show up. While polarities bring their strengths, spending too much time within a given polarity may become de-energizing and counterproductive. We as coaches have an opportunity to help others in leadership, career, and personal endeavors to identify their polarities using a Polarity Mapping exercise.

We will introduce the Polarity Mapping based on Barry Johnson's work at Polarity Partnerships and through our Presence Based Coach training. 

During this Coaching Conversation we will:

  • Learn about and participate in Polarity Mapping in small groups
  • Learn how to create awareness in our clients about how they observe and shift their presence along their personal polarity curvature.
  • Learn how to use Polarity Mapping to help our clients make complex decisions, show up more effectively, and get unstuck mentally. 
CCEUs will be available for this program: 0.75 Core Competency and 0.25 Resource Development Credits.

Meet Your Presenters: Sara Metzger & Anthony Register

Sara Metzger is a personal development coach, mother of two and owner of Vista Coaching. Sara spent 20 years as a teacher and began her own coaching practice after she retired from the world of education. She specializes in working with empty nesters. Using a Presence Based model, Sara helps her clients discover a renewed sense of purpose in their lives, while reconnecting with their partners and surrounding community. Together, Sara and her clients create new vistas and clients realize that the challenging empty-nest transition is really an opportunity for an exciting personal transformation.

Anthony Register is a certified business agility coach in the Charlotte area for more than 10 years and a practicing career and life coach trained in Presence Based Coaching. He is actively working toward his ICF ACC credential. Anthony has been involved with the ICF Charlotte Coaching Conversations for more than two years. He was exposed to Polarity Mapping as part of his Presence Based Coaching curriculum. Anthony continues his learning and personal growth through the engagement of others. Twice a week and on weekends Anthony is either coaching baseball or he is out dodging trees and cars on one of his many bikes. Baseball and biking are how Anthony reenergizes and finds or resets his presence so that he can show up for others he serves.