June 2017 Chapter Meeting

When: 06/22/2017 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Where: Wadsworth Estate Carriage House

Join us for a very special program for coaches on improv!

Every encounter with a client, coworker is improvised to some degree. Based on improvisational theater techniques which rely on unscripted, spontaneous, and authentic interactions, this hands-on seminar strengthens skills to enable participants to become more effective communicators.

Improvisation has been brought into business schools and medical schools across the country because it teaches the "soft skills" such as listening, observing, collaborating, raising self-awareness, and building confidence. These are skills that also enhance our work as coaches. And just in case you are wondering - there is no need to worry about being funny!"

Our speaker is Sonja Stetzler of Effective Connecting. Join us on June 22 for a fun and innovative program.