July Virtual Coaching Conversations

When: 07/21/2020 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Helping Our Clients Discover the Power of Presence

Ask leaders of any level what they'd like to do to enhance their leadership effectiveness and many will say they want to improve their executive presence. Even highly successful C-suite leaders often lack the solid self-confidence required to project strong executive presence on a consistent basis. So what IS executive presence really? And can you strengthen your leadership presence through a combination of self-awareness, skill-building, and intentionality?  

In this interactive webinar, coach Rick Koonce discusses the four kinds of presence ("energy") that anyone can harness to fortify their personal self-confidence, and to enhance their influence and impact when dealing with others. He'll introduce participants to various frameworks, models, somatic practices, and other tools coaches can use to enhance their own presence in working with clients, and that they can share with clients to use in leading others.

As Rick will describe, there are four key elements of leadership presence:

  • Physical appearance and demeanor -- how you physically show up with others
  • Intellectual nimbleness -- your ability to communicate clearly and coherently even in high-stakes or high-stress situations
  • Emotional intelligence -- your ability to manage your emotions, navigate interpersonal relationships (or read the room), and connect with others
  • Personal authenticity -- your ability to leverage your unique qualities of personality and character in interaction with others
You'll learn how to discover and develop all four kinds of energy within yourself, and then use this awareness in working with clients. 

In this interactive webinar, participants will:
  • Be introduced to a unique, four-part model that describes the four key "energies" that contribute to an individual's personal or professional power and presence
  • Learn how to access greater personal power through understanding and developing greater physical presence
  • Learn what often holds leaders of any level back from being highly effective at work
  • Develop the "muscles" of presence to use even in high-stress, high-stakes situations
  • Leverage authenticity to be your best self at work
  • Gain insights and learn practical tools and techniques that can be shared with coaching clients
ICF Competencies Addressed
This session will focus on how coaches can help facilitate learning and results in coaching engagements:

Core Competency 8: Creating Awareness
Core Competency 9: Designing Actions

This session has been approved for 1.0 Core Competency.

Meet the Presenter: Rick Koonce

Rick Koonce is an accomplished leadership coach who has worked with executives and teams in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The co-author of seven books, including Growing Leaders (ATD, 2001), he has coached executives at all levels in a diverse range of industries. One of Rick's passions as a coach is helping individuals discover and leverage their personal presence as leaders. A voice actor and former broadcast journalist, he uses somatic exercises, meditation, declarations, and a unique four-part model of executive presence to help individuals discover the four kinds of personal power/energy they can bring to their leadership of others.