November Coaching Conversations: Going with your GUT -- Using Intuition as a guide for Quantum Coaching

When: 11/19/2019 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM
AvidXchange, 1011 Hamilton Street, Charlotte, NC 28206. Located near the Music Factory.

As coaches we are always learning new tips and tools to help our clients achieve success and live out their lives to the fullest potential. So many assessments, debriefs, open-ended questions and other juicy tricks of the trade are available to us, but what if...?

What if there was a way to really tap into something within our clients that would offer quick results, lasting results, results that were really in line with the client's highest self? 

Enter Intuitive Coaching 101. Tapping into your Intuition and cultivating soul-level change and inspiration in your client is some of the most fulfilling work I have ever done.  I am excited to share and discuss the tools I use to create transformational change in as little as 30 minutes. 

Some questions we will discuss are:

  • What do you think intuitive coaching is? We'll define it in an interactive dalog. 
  • How can we tap into our intuition? We will take a quick, but deep dive into how to set intentions for your clients before you meet with them, and how to hold space for the client after you ask soul-deep questions.
  • How can you center and ground yourself as a coach? In this exercise, I will teach you ways to do that, as well as how I prep for a full day ofclient meetings (up to eight clients), and expect quantum leaps that lead to sustainable change.

ICF Core Competencies
Co-creating the Relationship, Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client, Coaching Presence, Communicating Effectively, Active Listening, Powerful Questioning, Direct Communication

Meet Lynn Myrick

Lynn Myrick is a Certified Professional Coach and Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership. She is a powerful, smart woman with a talent and passion for helping others tap into and develop their own strengths. After six years of professional services experience, Lynn founded a life and executive coaching company that allows her to fulfill her drive as a success facilitator, by implementing powerful proven tools to empower her clients to achieve their goals. She does executive coaching for local businesses, and is a CE Facilitator at UNC-Charlotte's Continuing Education program. Her newest role is as a Divorce Concierge with Sodoma Law. Her passion in coaching is seen in the transformation of her clients' lives, and in the companies, families, and world that they live in.