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Our Library contains a variety of professional development resources including MP3 recordings from the annual global ICF conference and other educational seminars. You will also find helpful documents for your personal and business growth.

The recordings and documents listed below are for the benefit of the professional development of our members. Please note that these resources are not to be shared with third parties.

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ICF-CAC Programs 2018

2018 Setting the Foundation - January 2018

ICF-CAC Programs 2012

Executive feedback June 2012

Academics Feedback study June 2012

Professional Development Audio Files from ICF Global Conference

Intimacy The Gift From The Spirit Pre-Conference Workshop

Insider Secrets To A Full Coaching Practice

Super Session With Vandana Shiva

Nature And The Human Soul

Post Conventional Coaching & Leading

Total Access- Part 1

Getting Teams On Track

A Multi-Perspective Examination Of Global Trends

MCC Special Session With Vandana Shiva

Beyond Inspiration- Expand The Impact Of Coaching

Be The Catalyst-Explore The Mystery Part 1

Coaching The Tribe-Part 1

Spinning Straw Into Gold

One Step Beyond

Coaching The Tribe-Part 2

The Coaching Industry, Fads Or Trends?

The New Rules Of Marketing

The New Generation Of High Achieving Women

Be The Catalyst-Explore The Mystery Part 2

Super Session With Peter Senge Ph.D

Coaching Heroes:Heroines & Perfectionists

Listening To Bodies

The Healthy Executive, The Healthy Team

Strategic Alliances For Coaches

The Role Of Coaching In Cultural Transformation

MCC Special Session With Peter Senge Ph.D

Awakening The Dreamer-Changing The Dream Workshop

World Beat Circle-Purpose, Passion & Play

Closing Super Session With Matthieu Ricard

The Wind From The East

Change Doesn't Work

Core Coaching Essence

Coaching Social Entrepreneurs

Brand Harmony

What Makes Executive Coaching An Experimental

MCC Special Session With Matthieu Ricard

Manifesting...Dimension Of Positive Mental Attitude

Is Self-Management Overrated

Express CoachingĀ©-Breakthrough Study On Improving

When The Need Is Not Needed

Total Access-Part 2

Getting Past The Impasse!

Corporate Coaching Appeal

A One World Dialogue

Establishing The Agreement

Trust, Intimacy & Coaching Presence

Active Listening

Powerful Questions

Direct Communication

Designing Actions & Managing Progress & Accountability