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Pricing to Publicize non-ICF Charlotte Events
ICF Charlotte offers the opportunity to list your non-ICF Charlotte event in our Calendar of Events and our monthly newsletter. 
Price for Chapter Members: $45
Price for non-Members: $60
How to Submit a Request to Publicize a non-ICF Charlotte Event
To submit a request to publicize an event, please complete the form below.

Once your event is reviewed by the Communications Committee and found to be compatible and aligned with the ICF Charlotte mission, someone will be in touch with you to confirm details.
Newsletters generally go out the first week of every month. To be considered for inclusion in the next newsletter, requests to publicize a non-ICF Charlotte event must be received no later than the 15th of the previous month. (For example, a requester must submit by all the necessary information by September 15 for the event to be considered for inclusion in the October newsletter.)

If requested far enough in advance, we will include the event in a maximum of two monthly newsletters. There is no limit to how far in advance an event may be included in the Calendar of Events.

Event Request Form

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