Western Carolinas Monthly Program: Release Resentments

When: 4/1/2022 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

This presentation will provide coaches with an introduction to a specialty coaching process ("Release Resentments") that is designed to help clients who are experiencing distress from deeply rooted resentments. These resentments can significantly weigh on the client, change their personality, block them from forward progress, and/or inhibit the client from living in alignment with their values and who they desire to be.  Several core competencies are addressed in the training, including Coaching Presence and Active Listening.

ICF Competencies Addressed in this presentation:
Coaching Presence - Ability to be fully conscious and create spontaneous relationships with the client, employing a style that is open, flexible and confident.  The Releasing Resentments process taught in this course teaches coaches to confidently shift perspectives, and provides ways to experiment with new possibilities for action. This coaching practice also requires a coach to demonstrate confidence in working with strong emotions and can self-manage and not be overpowered or enmeshed by client's emotions.
Active Listening - Ability to focus completely on what the client is saying and is not saying, to understand the meaning of what is said in the context of the client's desires, and to support client self-expression. Assisting clients with releasing resentments requires that a coach encourage, accept, explore and reinforce the client's expression of feelings, perceptions, concerns, beliefs, suggestions, etc, and requires the ability to allow the client to vent or "clear" the situation without judgment in order that the client can continue to move forward.  The process further requires the coach to be able to integrate and build on the client's ideas and suggestions, thus actively listening is fundamental to the process.   

The Release Resentments Coaching Process was created by Rebekah Weintraub to help her clients release resentments and significantly reduce the impact of PTSD, trauma, abuse, and severe emotional blockages. Rebekah was inspired by the resentment work she was doing with her clients and witnessed them transforming into the most attractive versions of their character; therefore, she felt compelled to share the process with her peers and began teaching other coaches how to use it with their clients. Part of Release Resentments LLC's mission is to provide fellow coaches with a powerful tool that can be used universally with any client who is experiencing deep blockages rooted in all areas and degrees of resentment. This tool can be adapted for large blockages unrelated to resentment that prevent clients from moving forward and achieving goals.   

In this course you will:
●    Be introduced to the Release Resentments Coaching Process
●    Actively coach fellow coaches in real time
●    Learn where resentments hide, how they operate, and how to detect harmful patterns in clients
●    Gain an understanding of personal characteristics that can be negatively affected by resentments
●    Learn how to support clients in establishing healthy boundaries in an effort to sustain clarity 

CCEUs will be available for this program: 1.5 Core Competencies 

Meet Your Presenters: Rebekah Weintraub, PCC

Rebekah Weintraub is a Professional Certified Coach (PPC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is best known for her ICF accredited 'Release Resentments' process, which she has used to successfully release over 1000 resentments with her clients. She is highly intuitive and she uses her intuition to power all aspects of her life, especially her coaching. 

Rebekah created her release resentments process years ago when she first took inventory of her own resentments. After initially documenting over 600, she meticulously processed each resentment herself. During this time, she released dark and heavy blockages, many of which were rooted in trauma and abuse. Once the exercise was complete, Rebekah stepped into a new, lighter existence that brought strong intuition, balance and happiness. She also noted that repeating the process significantly raised her energetic levels and ultimately allowed her to step into the best version of herself. As she enjoyed the long-lasting effects of the process, Rebekah was inspired to work with others who she believed would also benefit. 

Before bringing this process to her clients, Rebekah spent time studying how resentments operate, where they hide, how they affect people, why they get stuck, and how she could successfully release them with others. Before she knew it, Rebekah was using the process to help her clients as they significantly transformed before her eyes. With each resentment she helped release, she learned something new starting with the fact that no one resentment is exactly like another. The work itself is so stimulating, complex, and unpredictable that it requires advanced intuitive ability, bold creativity and critical thinking skills -- which is exactly why Rebekah loves facilitating the process. With each successful release, she proved her theories to be true, while witnessing her clients enjoy new freedom and joy. The clients that have processed multiple resentments with Rebekah go on to strengthen their intuition with her guidance. This work includes creating a balanced intuitive flow, igniting clair senses and manifestation. 

As the continued success of the process remained consistent, Rebekah wanted to create a legacy that would give other coaches a concrete method for helping their clients clear blockages and experience transformation. Therefore, she accredited her process with the ICF under the course title, "Release Resentment Coaching Process Certification", and currently certifies fellow coaches as Release Resentments Master Practitioners (RR-MP). 

Rebekah lives in Columbia, MD with her husband and cat, Fiona. She loves swimming, and creatively expressing herself through art and music. 

To learn more about releasing resentments and how to contact Rebekah, visit her website at or email her at