February Professional Development Event: QUIET the NOISE! The ICF Core Competencies: Our Answer for Sales & Marketing Success!

When: 2/14/2023 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Feeling overwhelmed by the "gurus" telling you what to do?    

View sales & marketing as slick, sleazy, or "being a pest?"    

Ache to make more of an impact?

Quiet the Noise!  The ICF Core Competencies are your answer to growing your business with dignity and grace!  

Learning Objectives:
·         Embrace that marketing is nothing more than "Giving value for free."  
·         Increase action via the "marketing train" which "Demonstrates Ethical Practice."      
·         "Embody a Coaching Mindset" in sales to secure more "right clients."  
·         "Listen Actively" to handle all objections with dignity & grace!      


Sales & Marketing aren't dirty, sleazy, or being a pest.  They're Coaching!    

CCEUs will be available for this program:  .5 Core Competencies and .5 Resource Development Credits. 

Meet Your Presenters: Michael Charest and Amy Salapski

Michael Charest began his career managing hotels and country clubs and became a coach in 1998.  In 2000, he partnered with ICF Founder Thomas Leonard and embarked on the "Coach U Millennium Tour," where they met thousands of coaches.  Most were struggling to build their businesses, so Michael founded Coach & Grow RICH and, later, Business Growth Solutions to help coaches and other solopreneurs with sales and marketing.  He has helped over 2,000 clients and spoken to 45 ICF Chapters.      

Amy Salapski has over 25 years of experience specializing in Organization and Talent Development.  In 2020, she left her corporate job to launch her coaching and consulting business, Cambium Development.  She hired Michael to help her launch and grow throughout the Pandemic.  She achieved her goals using his business development system and applying her own innovative approaches.

In 2021, Michael & Amy joined forces to create BizLife360 to help solopreneurs grow a nice business and use it to fuel a life they love!