June Coaching Conversations: Coaching Your Clients for Resilience

When: 06/15/2021 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Are you thriving in life or just coping? The answer may be found in how much resilience you have and how well you use it. Developing a resilience skillset can keep your tank full in order to successfully face life's challenges and has never been as important as it is right now. Let us examine our capacity as coaches to remain flexible in our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors when faced with a disruption in our lives, or we experience extended periods of pressure, and then learn we come through it stronger, wiser, and more able. We will look through the lens of positive psychology and narrative story to find new ways to build resiliency in our clients.

Learning Objectives:
  • Expand your knowledge on what resilience is and is not.
  • Identify through story
  • Explore ways to coach clients confronted with stressful, challenging life and work situations, and help find a way forward.
  • Develop a resilient coach approach to the challenges your clients face through narrative story.
  • Coach clients to develop a new awareness, explore change, build resilience skillsets to apply in their lives.

CCEUs will be available for this program: 1 Core Competencies and .5 Resource Development.

Meet Your Presenters: Toni Taylor, PCC

Toni is Christian life coach and the owner of Coaching Pathway, LLC, with more than 12 years of experience.  Toni found her way into coaching through the K-16 world of education.  After receiving her PCC credentials from ICF, she stepped into her practice focused on coaching clergy through transitions and leadership development. This special niche allows her to walk with clergy to reach their potential and call into ministry.  Toni works with the SC United Methodist Conference and provides support through coaching, vision casting, leadership and discipleship development for churches. Having undergone her own personal challenges, she is offers coaching to women going through life transitions such as career change, job loss, retirement or divorce.  Her passion for coaching is evident in the strong group coaching experience she offers for those who enjoy working with others on a common goal such as building resilience, leadership development or spiritual formation. 

Toni proudly serves as the VP of Marketing and Communications for ICF Charlotte, NC. This year the focus for the ICF chapter is educating the community on the power of coaching through "story" on social media channels.  She is married to Rev. David Taylor, has 5 sons, 4 grandchildren and loves to hike, fly fish, kayak, bike and create glass mosaics. Toni connects with others each morning through devotion, prayer and gratitude on FB Live.  She is grateful to be a coach and work in such a positive field that is focused on supporting people to reach their goals in life. 

Connect with Toni on social media: LinkedIn: tonirtaylor | FB: coachingpathway | Instagram: coachingpathway | twitter: coachingpathway