April Coaching Conversation: Speed Coaching – Who said transformation takes an HOUR?

When: 4/19/2022 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM
Where: Virtual Meeting - Meeting link is provided after registering.
Can 30 min coaching really achieve a high level of transformation? I'll share my pathway into this amazing discovery, and then lead you into an exploration of tools for quantum leaping and massive transformation. It IS possible to achieve incredible results in smaller increments of time, all while preserving the beauty and the art of coaching. Honoring the Co-creation process and empowering your clients to take responsibility for the results they are seeking is a powerful technique! I have built upon this and added a little magic of my own, and have seen massive results for over 5 years! Imagine your client showing up with so much passion for change that a 30 min session with you changes their lives forever. Can you feel the power in that statement?!? Isn't that why we ALL got into coaching in the first place?? Join me for this transformative coaching conversation. 

Engage in an interactive discussion that challenge our status quo thinking around the time needed to facilitate change and growth with our clients. I will share my learning and experience in the area of SPEED COACHING and provide cutting edge techniques to quantum coaching and massive results for our clients in shorter amounts of time. 

Ask yourself:

•    What would it mean for your coaching practice if you spent less time in each session AND generated BIGGER results for your clients?
•    What would you need to change in your coaching process to achieve committed breakthroughs and actions for your clients in just 30 minutes?

ICF Competencies: Co-creating the Relationship, Cultivating Trust and Safety, Active Listening, Evoking awareness.

CCEUs will be available for this program: 1.5 Core Competencies 

Meet Your Presenters: Lynn Myrick, PCC

Lynn has been a Coach in many different areas for over 5 years. She has clients of many varieties including Life & Executive Coaching, Intuitive Coaching and most recently she earned the title Charlotte's Divorce Coach while doing work with divorcing clients for Sodoma Law firm and most recently Vesta Divorce Group.  As a UNC-Charlotte graduate with a degree in Psychology and a Native Charlottean she takes great pride in her city, and cherishes connections with family, local businesses, and friends.  Her passion for coaching is evident in the massive transformation her clients receive and her willingness to continue to study and develop the incredible craft of coaching!