April Coaching Conversation: Coaching for Character Strength

When: 04/20/2021 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM

Character Strengths. Are you aware of your own character strengths? Your client's? What are character strengths and what do they mean? Character strengths are doorways into personal presence and awareness of one's individuality and inner well-being. Character strengths may open a wider conversation surrounding the potential of humanity and the internal goodness humans are capable of being and sharing. As coaches we may find a deeper appreciation for invoking our inner well-being and helping others invoke the same for themselves. We will explore what character strength looks like, how character strengths show up in us, and how we can help our clients discover their own character strengths. Please join me, Jonathan Powell, as we explore and discover the ideas behind character strengths within coaching.

The goals of our discussion are to:

•    Define and build awareness around VIA Character Strengths (
•    Affirm some of our own strengths.
•    Understand a few ways to leverage our own character strengths in coaching.
•    Be better able to guide our clients in evoking their own character strengths for personal and professio
nal goal attainment.

CCEUs will be available for this program: 1 Core Competencies.

Meet Your Presenters: Jonathan Powell, MS 

Jonathan Powell MS is a positive psychology coach and character development specialist. He focuses on empowering diverse leaders and lifelong learners with the skills and tools to build confidence, character, and resilience. Jonathan is extremely proud to serve as the "VP of Community Outreach" for the ICF Charlotte NC Chapter. By coaching his clients toward a more robust sense of well-being, Jonathan fulfills his purpose to co-create significant positive ripples in the world. Through his intuitive and compassionate approach to professional partnership, Jonathan guides his client's to embodied clarity and a range of shifts that make space for an enhanced human experience. Jonathan is grateful for the abundance in his life and the joy that his work brings him. He believes in the generative potential of thriving Black communities and appreciates excellence, honesty, different perspectives, and positive relationships. Please take the opportunity to connect with Jonathan via LinkedIn: