Magnetize Your Messaging: How to Explain Coaching to Attract New Clients Faster

When: 3/7/2023 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
CBI in Charlotte's Lower South End neighborhood
4020 Yancey Rd Charlotte, NC 28217

This is an IN-PERSON event.

Coaching is amazing. It's transformational. And... it's REALLY hard to explain! How do you describe coaching so it's attracting clients, instead of confusing or overwhelming people?

In this class, we will have a frank discussion about why trying to explain coaching is difficult, and why it's so important to change how you're talking about your business right now.

Come ready to challenge your assumptions and make a big shift in how you're talking about your business!

In this highly interactive session, participants will:
  • Dig into why you feel it's so important to explain coaching, and shine a light on when (with the best of intentions) you're making the conversation about you
  • Discover the right time to explain coaching, and why this timing is so important.
  • Develop a clear, compelling answer to the question "what do you do?"
  • Step back and look at the bigger picture by assessing the 6 essential elements of client generation so you can attract more great clients, without working nights and weekends.

CCEUs will be available for this program: 0.5 Core Competencies and 1.0 Resource Development Credits 

I'm Mary Cravets, the founder of Simply Get Clients. And I've always wanted to change the world.

After college, I would only work for non-profits and turned up my nose at for-profit businesses. I literally believed that business was a racket designed to screw people out of their money. Boy was I wrong!

I didn't understand then how a business could move and shape the world. How it could be an empowering force for good and connection and fun.

But still...there was a lot of B.S. to wade through before I got to this place of warm fuzzies.

Again and again, I invested in programs and coaches. There was a lot of good, but there was also a lot of garbage. And short-sightedness. And self-centeredness.

I finally realized that these programs were ignoring the most important factor, the most powerful force in a business: You. Your strengths. Your preferences. Your focus on doing good.


List of Attendees

First Name Last Name Company Guest of
Kristina Albert Leadership Excellence LLC
Maria Anastasiou Scytalys
Maggie Brown OptimalLife
Maryan Cabdi compassion coaching and training
Mary Ellen Donlevy MED Business Consulting & Coaching
Jill Dore J. Dore coaching and Consulting
Jim Fortner TL2 - Today's Learners Tomorrow's Leaders
Yvette Gorman-Holmes Greatness In Action Wellness Consulting
Renee Lawless RDLawless LLC
Godwin Nwaugha Ally Bank
Wendy Petricoff Charlotte Parenting Solutions
Anthony Register TIAA
Toni Taylor Coaching Pathway, LLC
Jeremy Wagoner TBD
Monica Young MoJoYoung