Western Carolinas Monthly Program: Coaching Business Symposium: Digital Tools for a Digital World

When: 1/7/2022 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
In this day and age, we have access to an endless number of tools that can help us run our coaching business effectively.  The challenge is taking time to figure out which ones are best!  

To kick-start our new year and set ourselves up for business success in 2022, we are going to lean into each other's knowledge and experience to gain new tools for our business toolbox.

Please join Western Carolinas Coaches for an information-packed session where you will:
•    learn DIY tools for building your online presence and getting hired by clients
•    identify ways to decrease non-billable time in your coaching practice
•    enjoy community-building and brainstorming for business growth in 2022.

We'll hear from coaches who have tried various options and settled on favorites for handling common business needs such as:  
•    client sourcing 
•    web presence, advertisement, lead generation, lead tracking   
•    client intake, online scheduling, syncing multiple calendars, appointment reminders
•    recording and storing session notes, tracking client goals and action plans

Our panelists will share insider details such as: options tried before settling on a favorite, factors used in the selection process, and pros/cons to consider. The session will include time for crowdsourcing additional ideas and recommendations from other coaches in attendance.  Come ready to learn and ready to share your own tried and true tools!

CCEUs will be available for this program: .5 Core Competencies and 1 Resource Development Credit

Meet Your Presenter: Golder Goldstein, ACC

Golder Goldstein offers Real Coaching. For Real Humans. He takes a proven, holistic approach to working with entrepreneurs, service-minded people, and other coaches.  Golder's coaching provides guidance and grounding through a fully customized experience that helps his clients bring out their super powers, setting the course for the life and way of living that they truly desire.
After working his way up the rungs of his chosen career ladder, Golder made the decision in 2018 to attend the Human Potential Institute and was certified in HPI's ICF-accredited program.  Golder completed the rigorous list of requirements for ICF certification quickly and earned the ACC credential.  He has continued forward with amazing success, building his coaching practice to full time, and in less than four years is on the cusp of applying for the PCC designation with ICF.

Golder applies powerful focus to his ever-evolving skillset, passions, creativity, and life experience in ways that help people transform their lives and their businesses, and by extension, their communities.  After helping a handful of friends / colleagues / fellow coaches with their calendars, scheduling and logistics, Golder received a lot of positive feedback, along with some not-so-subtle nudges, that sharing his expertise would help more coaches do the work they love with less stress, fewer hassles, more flow and more fun.  We are blessed by his willingness to share his learnings and teach us new skills!

To help you get to know Golder's approach as a coach, here are a few comments from grateful clients:  "Golder is a rock star. He's gifted at digging through the noise to get to the heart of the matter, highly skilled at intuiting what is under the words, getting to the root of an issue with grace and deep insight.... As a collaboration partner, he is also a pleasure to work with. He is intelligent, considerate, takes action and executes....His high EQ, innate intelligence, and strong felt-sense make him an excellent Coach...after a few sessions with Golder, I had a clear view of the future and am now confident I have the tools to address what comes my way. Golder comes highly recommended for all those reasons --plus he's witty and charismatic! An amazing combination!"   

Meet Your Presenter: Amanda Shevette, PCC

Amanda Shevette is an executive coach and small business consultant. Her company, Soul Leading Purpose LLC, provides expertise in evidence-based management approaches, supporting business owners and corporate leaders with actionable strategies and practical tools that maximize personal growth, people-leader success, and profitability with an unrelenting focus on purpose.

Following a fast-paced, upwardly-mobile eight-year run in corporate environments and an elected seat in local government, Amanda began to feel the calling of motherhood and the beginnings of a 30-something-life crisis. She decided to resign from her job before figuring out what was coming next. With some apparent divine intervention, unique opportunities came her way that led to creating her own business, providing the type of expertise to small businesses and entrepreneurs she previously provided in a Fortune 500 environment.

In the years following the founding of her consulting firm, she trained to become an ICF-certified coach, adding executive coaching to her company's service menu. She achieved the PCC designation in 2016 and now offers mentoring to professional coaches through the ICF Mentor Coach Registry. Her greatest joys are found in supporting and celebrating her clients' successes as they achieve solid personal growth and stellar business results.

In the words of her clients: "Amanda is a rare gem! She offers unwavering optimism and creates the just the right atmosphere for deep learning and personal growth, allowing clients to move forward toward the better life they have imagined for themselves .... She is a strong leader, a goal-oriented problem solver, energetic, and always ready to put all her energy and stamina to get the job done .... serves as an outstanding business partner and always helping me see opportunities to improve our business and my personal performance. She impresses me with her values and commitment to do business right .... an outstanding partner in designing strategic direction and building systems for communication."

Meet Your Presenter: Michele Stills, ACC

Michele Stills has been a communication and leadership consultant, mentor, and presenter for over 15 years. 
She became a coach after training at CTA (Coach Training Alliance) in 2011, but her focus remained primarily on presenting at conferences, consulting, and public speaking. 

In 2017 Michele and her wife were living in Atlanta, GA, when Michele began feeling the call of the mountains and her family. Her wife was working a corporate job that she hated, so they decided to head for the hills of Michele's hometown, Asheville, NC. 

In January 2020, before COVID hit the US, Michele rebranded her coaching practice and founded /The Conversation Coach, LLC. She also decided to pursue her first ICF credential, and in October of 2021, earned her ACC designation. 

Though COVID has been a struggle for everyone in many ways, Michele says that her practice is thriving. 

In her words, "I work with brilliant people from all walks of life and from many cultures who want to improve their conversations, relationships, leadership abilities, and intercultural communication."

Michele also works with clients who have various types of anxiety and trauma (including culture-bound), both as an adjunct coach to achieve therapy goals and as an independent coach to help clients move forward and beyond self-limiting beliefs, anxiety, and trauma that inhibits their communication.