September Coaching Conversation: Selling Without Hype or Manipulation: Using the Core Competencies

When: 09/21/2021 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM

Wish you were better at closing sales?

Wish you could get more comfortable selling yourself?

Frustrated because you haven't found a way to do that without sounding too slick and salesy?

Denise is an expert in sales and marketing.  She can teach you how to sell by being your most authentic self ... by focusing on service.  When you use the core competencies during the sales process, you will come from a place of integrity, genuine caring, and a deep desire to serve people and you're automatically more attractive to potential clients.

In this presentation, you will learn to:

• Talk with potential clients and customers in a way that's comfortable, authentic, and has their best interests at heart.
• Ask for the business in a straightforward and non-threatening way ... a way that potential clients welcome.
• Coach potential clients through any concerns or objections they may have.  This isn't about overcoming objections.  
• Close more sales and get comfortable with the process!

The Core Competencies that will be demonstrated and discussed include:

• Demonstrates Ethical Practice
• Embodies a Coaching Mindset
• Establishes and Maintains Agreements
• Cultivates Trust and Safety
• Maintains Presence
• Listens Actively
Demonstrates Ethical Practice
Embodies a Coaching Mindset

When you approach sales using the Core Competencies, you are, in fact, Embodying a Coaching Mindset.  You're acknowledging that potential clients are responsible for their own choices ... including the choice of whether to hire you or not!

In order to do Embody a Coaching Mindset, you have to be aware of your thoughts, your emotions, and any agenda you may have.  Your goal is to move these personal elements out of the way, so you can be sensitive to and respectful of the potential client's opinions, beliefs and values.  You want to be open, curious and flexible.  When you take this approach, you're better able to serve prospective clients.  

Here's the key.  It's never ethical to bring your own agenda into coaching ... even when you really want a prospect to hire you!

Selling Without Hype or Manipulation is all about how you bring your personal integrity and honesty to these interactions.  This is the essence of how you Embody a Coaching Mindset.

Meet Your Presenter: Denise Hedges, PCC

Denise Hedges is a passionate speaker and a results-oriented business development coach. She's a marketing strategist with over 30-years experience in sales and marketing. Denise has helped thousands of coaches, consultants, and other professionals with private practices, nationally and internationally, move past any uncertainty or fear they have about sales and marketing, so they can attract more clients and make more money! She specializes in helping them grow their businesses using the strategy of speaking. Denise is a PCC and a member of the Coach University Faculty, training personal and business coaches all over the world. Check out her website at Denise