May Coaching Conversations: Mindset Coaching: Shifting to Reframing

When: 05/18/2021 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM

As coaches, one of the greatest values we bring to our clients is the ability to make the invisible, visible. We hold the mirror up with the intention of uncovering beliefs, patterns of thinking and behaviors that have not, do not and will not serve them.  It's step one in the transformative process, creating awareness so change is possible.  At the same time, awareness without action is futile, and as such, it is imperative we serve as a conduit to new perspectives, thoughts and ideas as well as an initiator of reframed beliefs that present the world and reality in a more positive and inspiring way.

In essence, mindset coaching helps to unlock the internal barriers that are holding people back, by diving into their psyche to understand their mind and the basis for the decisions they make.  

The goals of our discussion are to:
•    To define and discuss what Mindset Coaching is and how it enhances the coaching experience
•    To learn what to listen for in your coaching conversations to identify those in need of Mindset Coaching
•    To share strategies on uncovering beliefs, shifting mindsets and reframing self-limiting thoughts

CCEUs will be available for this program:  .75 Core Competencies and .25 Resource Development. 

Meet Your Presenters: Dina  Maloney, ACC 

Dina Maloney has assisted individuals, teams, companies and clients to achieve personal and organizational success for more than 25 years.  Her ability to lead others to peak performance, implement innovative methods and solutions, facilitate engaging and interactive workshops, motivate and inspire others at speaking engagements, and serve as a catalyst for change and excellence have contributed to her solid reputation as a successful leader, mentor, coach, innovator and educator.

Dina earned a MA Degree in Communication Media from Barry University, a BA Degree in English Florida State University, the credential of (ACC) from ICF, and the Credential of Authentic Leadership Coach through Raleigh Coaching Academy. She's a co-founder of EPIC Coaching and Consulting, offering leadership and executive coaching, skills development training, consulting, and keynote speaking engagements.  Dina serves as Lead Coach and trainer for Statarius LeaderStep7 Program, Senior Instructor for Knowledge Source, Inc., and a Contributing Alumni, Raleigh Coaching Academy.