January Coaching Conversations: Coaching, Consulting & Therapy: Navigating Blurred Lines

When: 01/21/2020 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM
AvidXchange, 1011 Hamilton Street, Charlotte, NC 28206. Use the entrance facing the parking deck.

The coaching relationship is a powerful, beautiful one ... and one that can be complex. Our clients come to us for breakthroughs in multiple areas of life: career, leadership, confidence, wellness, growth, and execution of goals.

The ICF Core Competencies give us a framework to coach nearly any situation ... but when is it appropriate to inject consulting (advising) into the conversation? How do we handle discussions that border on therapy (delving into the past to inform the future)?

We, as coaches, are multifaceted human beings, and have a rich toolset with which to serve our clients. We each bring unique expertise, skills, and life experiences to the partnership and to the coaching engagement.

In this highly interactive discussion, we'll ask ourselves questions like: 

  • When is it appropriate (or even preferable) to provide direct consulting? When does this serve the client, and when does it hold them back? 
  • How do we create permission and agreements around consulting and therapy? 
  • How do we handle therapeutic topics in coaching? When does it make sense to go into the past with our clients (as opposed to designing the future)? 
  • Should we bill ourselves as coaches, consultants, or both in the enrollment process? 

Meet presenter Lauren Widrick

Lauren Widrick is a Life + Business Coach, and her purpose is to help people Grab Life by the Goals. She works with C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and leadership teams across the country to help them unlock peak performance. Lauren also loves to work with her fellow coaches on sales, revenue, and pricing strategy to help them grow their businesses to the six- and multi-six-figure level. 

Prior to becoming a professional coach, Lauren led international technology teams for a global bank. She trained for a year at Accomplishment Coaching in New York City, one of the world's most rigorous coach training programs. She is a wife and has two young daughters, and is living proof that you can thrive in all areas of life.