The Value of Coaching

Coaching Profession

For many, coaching can be a life-changing experience that dramatically improves their outlook on work and life.

Coaching unlocks a person's potential to maximize their performance and satisfaction. As they tap into their potential, it unlocks sources of creativity, productivity and learning unlike being taught.

By creating clarity, coaching moves the client into action and accelerates their progress. It provides greater focus and awareness of all the possibilities that exist to create a fulfilling life.

About International Coaching Federation (ICF)

ICF is a global organization with a governing body that ensures that the entire coaching profession maintains high standards and a stellar reputation.

ICF is advancing the coaching profession as an integral part of society. Members lead this journey as representatives of the highest quality in professional coaching. ICF is a partner on your journey to become a coach, build a successful coaching practice and to grow through continuing education.

We invite you to connect with coaches from around the world and lend your voice and talents to the future of the profession.

Become an ICF Credentialed Coach

ICF strongly recommends that you complete an ICF accredited coach training program and streamline your path to become an ICF credentialed coach. Formal training using ICF core competencies and code of ethics as the basis of training will prepare you for the rewards and challenges of the coaching profession.  ICF accredited programs demonstrate their commitment to the highest coaching standards. Review a list of ICF accredited programs.


An Associate Certified Coach is ICF's first level of credentialing for professional coaches.  

Get more information on ACC credential level.


A Professional Certified Coach is ICF's second level of credentialing for professional coaches.

Get more information on PCC credential level.


The Master Certified Coach is ICF's highest level of credentialing for professional coaches.

Get more information on MCC credential level.

3 Paths to Accreditation

Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)

An ICF ACTP is considered an all-inclusive coach training program. An ACTP includes a minimum of 125 hours of coach-specific training, including comprehensive instruction around the ICF Core Competencies, Code of Ethics and the ICF definition of coaching.

This type of program includes Mentor Coaching, observed coaching sessions and a comprehensive final exam that evaluates a student's coaching competency.

Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)

An ICF ACSTH program is considered an a la carte coach training program.

An ACSTH program includes a minimum of 30 hours of coach-specific training, including instruction around the ICF Core Competencies, and observed coaching sessions.

Portfolio Path

A non-ICF Approved Training program may be submitted for consideration as coach-specific training via the Portfolio Path.

ICF can accept training that is specifically marketed as teaching coaching skills or teaches how to apply technical skills in a coach-like manner and, teaches coaching skills in accordance with the ICF Core Competencies.

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