Core Chapter Teams

Our chapter is searching for coaches and leaders among our membership to join Core Chapter Teams

Core Chapter Teams are a way to get involved with chapter events, member interactions and strategic planning.
We encourage our members to use their strengths to engage in the many volunteer roles we have.  Our teams are ways you can belong to a small group of coaches and contribute to the health of our Chapter.   Find one thing you would like to do to serve our community of coaches!  Below are some ideas, and we welcome your thoughts as well.  Engage!

Requested Skills/Abilities/Experience:
ICF Global member in good standing, good organizational skills, signed and submitted Chapter Leader Pledge.

Estimated Time Commitment/Requirement for Participation:  
4-8 hours per month + meetings/events


Marketing & Communication Team
Reporting to the Director of Marketing & Communication, the team is responsible for managing the publications, marketing, advertising, public relations, community outreach and advocacy efforts. Activities could include writing, proofreading and design of chapter printed and digital materials and promotion of chapter activities.

If you are interested, please connect with our Director of Marketing and Communications.

Events Team
Reporting to the Director of Events, the team is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing an annual education and networking plan for the chapter. Activities could include liaise with ICF Global on educational opportunities, coordinate all logistics for programs and contribute to the annual education plan.

If you are interested in supporting one or more events, please connect with our Director of Events.

Responsibilities of the Virtual Events Assistant:
 - Assist the Director of Events for setting up virtual events.
- Provide assistance to speakers during events, particularly facilitating group discussions.
- Send the attendance list to the Virtual Assistant for CCE purposes.
- Gather questions from attendees for the speakers.
- Offer technical support as needed during the events.
Responsibilities of the In-Person Events Assistant:
- Assist the Director of Events preparing for in-person events.
- Coordinate with event location managers (i.e. libraries) and speakers to meet equipment requirements.
- Aid members and non-members with the check-in process.
- Assist speakers with group activities during the event.
- Capture photos and record short videos of the event for social media purposes.

Membership Team 
Reporting to the Director of Membership, the team is responsible for providing direction and leadership for the Chapter's membership program to maintain and increase ICF membership. Activities could include new member orientation, hospitality at chapter functions and campaign to retain members.

If you are interested, please connect with our Director of Membership.


Outreach & Partnership Team
Reporting to the Director of Outreach, the team is responsible for developing partnerships, communication and interaction with the Charlotte area community. Their focus is to deepen the understanding of the coaching profession with other associations and community leaders.

If you are interested, please connect with our Director of Outreach.

Credentialing Support Team
Reporting to the Director of Membership, the team is responsible for creating a more connected professional pathway and network for coaching in the region. Activities could include supporting new candidates through the credentialing process and establishing partnerships with education providers.

If you are interested, please connect with our Director of Membership.

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