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Communication Committee
This committee is responsible for communication with Chapter members and interested parties, including newsletters, social media, Chapter website, and our events calendar.

Membership Committee
This committee addresses the needs of new and current Chapter members. The committee greets members and guests at each meeting and responds to inquiries about membership in the Chapter. The committee also oversees membership renewal and engagement of members in chapter activities such as our Ambassador Program and New Coach Luncheons.

Professional Development Committee
This committee focuses on delivering high-quality, relevant, competency-enhancing, and cutting-edge professional development for our members through a variety of settings, including in-person meetings, business forums, coaching conversations, book clubs and workshops. While programming supports continuing education for ICF-credentialled coaches, topics are not selected only for this purpose and are of interest to coaches across the coaching profession.

Virtual Programming Committee
A new committee in 2019 created to develop a virtual programming strategy and implement CCEU based online training and development. Additionally, assists with ICF online informational programming.

Community Outreach Committee

This committee is responsible for developing partnerships, communication and interaction with the Charlotte area community. Their focus is to deepen the understanding of the coaching profession with other associations and community leaders.

Conference Committee
We seek committee chairs and members to help plan events for members like International Coaching Week (ICW).

Special Events Committee
While we don't have a dedicated committee for special events, we organize several ad hoc events throughout the year like our International Coaching Week celebration, social events (e.g., mixers, lunches, holiday parties), community involvement drives, and for all forms of FUN.
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